Accurate strives to have some of the most competitive rates in the area. Unlimited air fills are included for the duration of your day here. We also offer group packages, which feature discounts for parties of 10 or more players.


Accurate has a great following of hobbyist paintballers who come for some ‘pick up’ games. We welcome any ‘walk on’ group to come out and have some fun with other small groups or individuals. Listed below, these prices are for these individuals or small groups who are not making a reservation ahead of time. The prices are per person.


Admission: $27 – Includes field pass and unlimited air fills.

Full Rental:

Admission: $40
Includes: A paintball marker, mask, air tank and free air refills all day.


Pod belt rental: $5

Protective vest rental: $5

Compressed air tank rental: $5 (We no longer fill CO2)


All of the equipment rented here is of professional quality. The markers we rent to use are semi-automatic Gog Enmey and Tippmann 98, and our purchasable, accompanying paint is required for use of our markers. The paint we carry in stock is of exceptional quality and ensures that our rental markers fire seamlessly. Other brand paint has been shown to ‘pre-detonate’ before exiting the chamber and damage the marker internals, or render your rental useless mid gameplay.